Oyasami is an interactive and intelligent alarm clock that nudges people to sleep on time with light and sound. Furthermore, it makes waking-up a pleasant experience.

Most people living in urban cities lead hectic lives where they are constantly juggling multiple jobs, tasks and to-do lists in a single day. This usually ends up staying up late and waking up early to be on time for a meeting, college, or job. We were intrigued by this lifestyle that revealed an insight to us – when people sleep late and wake up early over a period of time, the most compromise is made on sleep.

People use alarm clocks to wake up on time. Can we use the alarm clock to sleep on time?

With Oyasami, one sets the wake-up time. Once this is done, the clock suggests three sleeping times. Each of these is a sleep cycle of 90 minutes. Research reveals that if one sleeps within a sleep cycle there are more chances of a healthy night’s sleep. Oysami is wirelessly connected with Philips Hue so that when the sleep time approaches it gently starts to dim the lights of the room. One can skip this by interacting with it. Furthermore, one can also choose to be nudged to sleep with music.

Oyasami softly wakes you up with the pre set music of your choice and by adjusting to natural light outside.Over a period of time you can be assured that it will learn about your sleep cycle and nudge you to bed at those times.