Oogway is a way to manage the rhythm and pace of email in your life. It’s a simple object that collects and releases email based on filters and parameters set in a cloud email system.

Time is often broken down into three states; the past, the future and the present. The best recipe is nestled in feedback, daily routines and balance between these three states. If you work the best you can in the present, you can’t be disappointed in the past and will work towards the future you deserve. The challenge is to manage the things that break you away from this state, so we set out to create an interface that helps people be in the moment.

As we work, communicating with the outside world becomes a constant balancing act where social media often represents your social or personal life and email sits in between — a limbo of work, personal, junk and meaningful. Oogway is a family of objects that sits on your desktop, gently collecting the emails you receive throughout the day.

Based on your preferences it will sort which emails are linked to each wooden box, and uses light and sound to provide subtle notifications. Tapping once releases a single email, and holding down will let through all unread emails for that box.