Let’s Meet

Staying in touch is one of the most fundamental elements of maintaining long distance relationships, no matter if it’s between families, lovers or friends. The Let’s Meet team conducted user research and a series of interviews, revealing that people desired to understand or even be involved with what their loved ones are going through. However, living apart across different time zones contributes to the problem of arranging a meeting time. Aiming to create simple way to negotiate and plan time between people living from different time zones, Let’s Meet was born.

Let’s Meet is designed as twin products residing on two sides of the world. Take a father and daughter’s case as a scenario, with both sides of them owning a Let’s Meet product. These two products synchronize and update their arranged meeting time according to the time zone where they are. For example, while the father living in Copenhagen proposes an online chat at 8pm today, the daughter studying in Tokyo receives the meeting time as 3am tomorrow. Both of them are also hinted with what the time will be for the other one.

The product form, which resembles a tiny and simplified version of rocking chair, is shaped according to designed interactions for replying the proposed meeting time: yes, no and maybe. After one sends the proposed time, the other one can reply yes by pressing front side the product down to the table; no by shaking the product toward both sides; and maybe by slightly tap the product once and leave it keeps rocking. After replying, both products actuate corresponding motion synchronously.

Let’s Meet successfully creates a playful way of negotiating meeting time and provides a tangible and interactive physical presence of the loved one in the other side of the world, by which pulls both sides of the couples, families or closed friends even closer.