connects people working across different locations and time zones through an open audio space. It provides presence and informal communication by creating a shared common space for open dialogue and working ambience.

As digital creative and communication tools continue to improve, working remotely has increased among independent creative professionals. Many people work as collaborators, often with partners and clients around the world. As such, communication is highly important to maintain good work practices and networks

Currently, basic needs have been solved through communication channels such as email or voice chat. However, these tools are still quite formal in nature and usually require direct intent to initiate contact. They do not readily allow for casual and spontaneous dialogue, where good ideas and inspiration are often generated. These casual interactions are important to the overall ideation and creative process, and with the upsurge of co-working spaces, the demand for a unified communication space for people working remotely could not be stronger. works on a simple push and rotate mechanism. The user can push the device to turn it on and subsequently rotate the top green ring to select people in the network. They can then push to make a direct connect with the person that they select and have a closed communication channel. The thinner grey ring can be rotated to adjust the volume levels. The screen displays a simple and intuitive interface with people represented as circular dots distributed across time zones relevant to the user. is a fully working prototype running presently though a combination of Arduino and Max/MSP. Components include 2 rotary encoders, 1 LCD screen, 3 SD card holders and 1 microswitch.