Working in an office can be tough on the body, especially when doing long hours and taking few breaks. It leads to eye strain and muscular discomfort, and the constant focus can be mentally tiring.

Taking small breaks throughout the work day can improve people’s well-being and consequently, their productivity. Taking breaks together is proven to be even more effective. However, it is easy to forget when absorbed in work, and taking breaks without tangible reasons (like having a smoke) can be frowned upon by others.

BRiK helps create this rhythm and give credence to a culture of taking frequent breaks. Inspired by the idea of ‘a cigarette break for non smokers’, BRiK is a small sculpture that descends in hourly rotations into your personal workspace, prompting you to take a break by lighting up when touching the desk.

It will subtly start to nudge you if ignored. Reset the device when you take a break, and it will ascend to count the hour anew. A notification is sent to BRiKs of other people close to their break time, to hint that they can break together with you. BRiK is merely at your service, so you can always move it up or down to change the time you plan to have your break. With BRiK, we hope to help people lead more well-balanced lives in the office, enjoying the benefits of little breaks.