Teach & Learn Blågården

Teach & Learn is a service that can provide the tools to facilitate peer to peer exchange for sharing and receiving social and cultural knowledge.

Teach & Learn is a service created to socially and culturally support the friends and families that live in the Blågården area in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The service situates itself in Copenhagen’s most ethnically diverse and most contentious neighbourhood – notorious for gang related crime and issues of assimilation and settlement.  The entire Blågården community centres itself on Blågårds Plads, where the Blågården Bibliotek, serves as common neutral space for all community members young and old.

Our original investigation began as an exploration into how the Blågården Bibliotek could find new ways of knowledge sharing as well as encourage safety and trust in the neighbourhood. After weeks interviewing, observing and interacting with people in and around Blågården, we recognized a strong need in the community to share and receive knowledge from each other.

Teach & Learn was founded on the basis of this strong need and desire to share social and cultural knowledge within the community. It was important for our service to look inwards to the community to strengthen understanding and elevate knowledge between people who were willing to contribute -ultimately to lead to a more unified identity.  This was done through positive promotion of good community values such as tolerance and trust, embedded in their cultural exchange.

The service operates on a very simple cyclical peer-to-peer model: know – share – learn.  What you know you can share, and from what one person shares, another will learn. And from learning they then have the knowledge to pass on ultimately to someone else. This positive and continuous cycle of peer-to-peer exchange sets the foundation for people to form different relationships, but to also have responsibility to the community around them.

Overall Teach & Learn was designed to not only foster trust between the different groups in the community, but also to create a common ground of communication and value attribution to the people and Blågården.