Dit Udvalg

As the information space is rapidly growing, we saw opportunity in leveraging the qualities of librarians as content filtering experts. Dit Udvalg is a service that helps library users filter content by establishing personal connections to relevant librarians.

By correlating people’s search terms with librarians interests we are able to suggest relevant connections between the two. The user are presented with a personalised profile of the selected librarian, featuring a photo and a short description. A simple pre-filled form based on the user’s query makes it easy to start a dialog. After a list of curated content has been delivered digitally, a neatly crafted physical bundle are available to pick up at the library with a personal hand written note from the librarian.

The concept was discovered through a range of field studies; observations, interviews and a series of experience prototypes. The final prototype consists of a full user and librarian journey, from interfaces for both front- and backend, to finding content, packaging and bundle pickup.

Service Map