The Little Wooden Skype Frame


It is often hard to maintain a sense of time and sometimes the most important things to us are forgotten. One of the most common instances of this is remembering to stay in touch with the people that are closest to us. Too often we busy our selves with everyday tasks.

The Wooden Skype Frame we created makes the passing of time more evident to the user. A simple picture frame that as time passes, so does the image in the frame pass out of focus. When this loss of focus is noticed and the frame picked up the image returns to focus for as long as the frame is held. This reminds them of the loved one, the distance between them and the time that has passed.

When the frame is put down the image returns to the faded state. When the frame is held tightly or squeezed a Skype call is initiated and the picture will return to focus after the call.


At the heart of our object is an Arduino board that controls the slow movements of the picture frame through servo motors and a gear mechanism. It also controls the behaviour of the backlight LED array.

Skype calls are initiated by a button embedded at the back of the box through serial communication with Applescript. During the construction of the frame, a lot of attention was paid to the materials used, the internal construction and the interaction one would have with the frame. The frame is crafted  and the interactions are intimate.