Plant Friend

What if your plant could talk to you? Tell you its needs and where it wanted to be placed? Growing plants has been a central part of human life for centuries, but over the years the tightly rooted relationship has withered. This symptom of human disengagement with nature expresses both an ongoing development and potential problem in our modern day culture.

We think that the process of seeing something grow from seed into something edible or beautiful is a magical experience of nature, however this is no easy task. Although you may see that your plant is not doing well, it can be difficult to tell if it needs more or less light, water or warmth.

With our concept Plant Friend we seek to help children discover and learn how to care for and grow plants, while tightening and developing the emotional bound between them. Based on sensory inputs Plant Friend expresses the plant’s needs through emotional and communicative movement, thereby facilitating engagement and interest in the plant’s well being.

We measured data coming from a photoresistors, temperature sensor and DIY-moisture sensor using an Arduino board and connected that to servo motors to control Plant Friends movements.