Track your sleep

Ekko is a physical representation of your sleep quality. It learns about your sleeping patterns over time, helping you maintain a healthy, balanced and natural sleeping routine.

Ekko is a stackable device that allows you to arrange and configure small modules. Each small module tracks and visualises a different aspect of your sleep and health such as duration, ambient noise, movement and body temperature.

You start by choosing and stacking your modules and setting your desired level for each measurement – such as sleeping for eight hours. While you sleep, small sensors track your activity and when you wake up, Ekko is already displaying how your desired sleep quality matches your actual sleep – sometimes below or sometimes above.

You provide feedback to Ekko about your sleep quality by selecting an appropriate face from the top module and pressing down to save this data – different faces describe different levels of satisfaction. Over time, Ekko learns which module combinations and measurements give you the best quality of sleep. By analysing and representing this information each day, Ekko provokes subtle behavioral changes that result in a better quality of sleep.