The Puppet

Based on the abstract concept of the puppet, we created a modular and wearable pieces that would easily connect with a larger installation initiated by Di Mainstone. The project called Human Harp is going to develop over several iterations located on  universities all over the world climaxing in a installation on Brooklyn Bridge. Further reading at

Our puppet module is created to enable dancers to spontaneously express and shape themselves by movement and stretching of the material. The complete costume is easily assembled to a whole by linking each module together, thereby making different setups a part of its essens. Black fabric was chosen to focus on the volume and texture of the costume.

We focused on the concept of a puppet trying to break himself free. We created a costume in a way that it would stretch itself based on the dancer’s movements and create exciting and expressional shapes. There are a total of 10 pieces of the tubes that are worn over the body. Two wrist bands with a single attachment enables audience to participation. While one hand of the dancer is connected to the module with the wrist band tube, the other one can easily be detached and tied around another person. This person can can now direct and control the dancer in a way that he or she wants to, thus enabling other ways of generating more organic or complex movement. In this way it stimulates playful interaction with the environment and unfolds the social aspects of The Puppet.