Spinal Harp

Spinal harp is based on the concept of body extension, prosthesis and exoskeleton. The string connection to the body is mediated through a body extension that acts as an architectural structure supported by the body. A dancer trained to use the harp can play it through expressive movement guided by the body-extension.

After some bodystorming to get an idea on which body part we could focus and emphasize on, we realized that the spine was the most interesting part of the body to work on, since every dancer depends a lot on its movement.That also got us thinking about different animals and characters that could give some inspiration on form and function.

Therefore, the design pattern was dictated by the body instead of visual appeal, which made the curves and the form very functional and logical. The main idea was to ensure that the holster fitted perfectly and comfortably onto the dancers body so that she/he can move freely yet with designed restrictions.