Human Harp – The Musician

Throughout our two weeks focused on Performative Design, we had the opportunity to be one of the first contributors to an international project called the Human Harp. We explored and rapidly prototyped from this concept many models tied to the body, utilizing pattern making, studied body movements, varied materials, and the constructing and deconstructing of the mechanical components securing the performer.

For our final project we were tasked with the brief of taking on a more holistic approach and designing a body-centric musical instrument to be played by a professional musician as part of the Human Harp. The ideas of control, composition and simplicity were to remain key through our brainstorming and fabrication process.

We began through sketching the multiple shapes that this apparatus could take on, considering the contours of the body, the movements of a musician (akin to one playing a harp), the alignment and placement of the strings along the instrument, the overall comfort, the scalability for different people and the ability to put the instrument on with ease.