Human Harp Module

The Human Harp “Module” is meant to be easy to assemble and use. This was part of a travelling research project where we were given the brief of editing an existing design created by the group from London. The task was to make the module fab lab makable.

We broke down the process into the use of material, assembling the module and testing the durability. Using a single sheet of acrylic and laser cutting out the different parts was the best way to ensure precision. During assembly the most volatile part was placing the spring into the module securely. That would mean a half assembled module should be strong enough to hold the spring in place, this was achieved by using a ‘press-fit’ assembly process.

During the project we created many new iterations, improving the module with each design. At the end of the project we produced a documentation and series of explanation videos that described our insights and experiences during this process, the information was used by other teams across the globe so that work can continue on the project.