Monday Buddy

Throughout this course on People Centered Research, we handled a brief centered around “Designing for Trust”. We chose to explore this within the context of stereotypes and how people decide to trust or distrust those they encounter.

We conducted interviews with multiple people and assessed the responses and their implications on how each person processed the idea of stereotypes and their likelihood to trust based on these mental classifications. After a series of exercises exploring the process of blueprinting: navigating through user experience stages, creating personas, storyboarding and thinking about the adjoining design challenges, we arrived at our final concept: Monday Buddy.

Monday Buddy’s is a buddy program within large, global organizations that aims to foster a closer sense of global community within employees. On a weekly basis you are paired with someone from your organization with a very different background professionally, culturally and through other demographics. You then walk through the daily components of your life from morning to eve with heavy emphasis around your work day and work activities and at the beginning of the next day, the other person is revealed to you through a virtual meeting.

The concept aims to either solidify the notions of initial stereotypes created based around the profile or moves towards the finding of common ground, similarities assessed and ultimately creates trust through understanding| experience.