Bite-Size Trust

With the concept of TRUST at the core of the overall project module, we decided to explore trust with respect to food. Our main question was “How do people trust the food they eat?”


We conducted interviews to understand people’s buying habits, their food brands, supermarket experience, preferences of supermarket brands, and also explored the area of online shopping for food. With the above topics, our questions steered towards gaining insight into why, and when people trust the food they buy.


After the first round of interviews, the team focused on clustering gathered insights and discovering patterns of ideas, thoughts, and conversations. We separated quotes and critical words of dialogue from each interview and arranged them into groups based on the team’s perception of their commonality. To our surprise we had extremely polar insights from our interviewees and with group’s consensus we focused on the following insights:

• Ordering fresh produce online was riddled with non-trust. For online shoppers there is a gap on quality check and trust compared to supermarket.

• Care for design/packaging / neatness → Care for products → Builds trust in brand/store

These became our Design Challenges.

How might we…

…build trust between the supermarket and online shoppers, so that they feel confident to order fresh produce online?

…use the qualities of minimalism and neatness in the supermarket (display of products) to reinforce trust in the customers?

We then dived into brainstorming sessions. However, in the process we focused on addressing the online shopping area as our main challenge. We arrived at three concepts directed towards making online shopping more trustworthy especially for fresh produce.

Smart Scan
Based on advanced algorithms, users can scan the webcam image their food items, to tell the system what they really like. The system is using a variety of parameters such as freshness, color, taste to determine personal preferences.

Personal Shopper
A live-video based system, where the user can see and communicate with their personal shopper in the supermarket. The personal shopper will also deliver the fresh produce to your door, increasing the trust.

Remote Touch
Through this device users can feel the product they’re browsing on the webshop. The device changes color, texture, weight and firmness, to give the closest feel of the fresh produce remotely.

Co Creation

We then made three prototypes to test the same on our interviewees. Their feedback provided us with deeper understanding of buying behavior:

• Food is very subjective

• One person equals infinite demands

• Therefore there cannot be one single way to satisfy even one customer.

• Hence, trust in shopping for fresh food online relies on more than one element

We entered the second round of co creation. For us this meant re-looking at our concepts and our persona for further inspiration.


‘Byte Size’ is an experiential service rather than a single deliverable product. It’s one that focuses on improving an existing system by introducing bite-size trusting elements
 at key moments of the behavior. In addition, it’s about implementing this service with a brand that is already familiar to the online shopper.