Airport security guidance

The central theme of this course was design for trust in the city. After several brainstorming sessions we narrowed our domain down to trust in security in transportation. It was the inconsistency in security measures between different means of transportation that interested us in particular. We were wondering to what extent more visible security actually increases your trust.

To investigate our hypothesis further we interviewed three different people. We translated our key findings and quotes into insights which we used to create a design challenge. How might we make the security checks at the airport a more comfortable and trustworthy experience?

We started brainstorming on concepts to answer our design challenge. However, our field observations at the airport formed a definite breakthrough in our concept generation. Together with one of our first interviewee’s we got into a very helpful co-creation session, getting useful feedback and ideas. In addition, we got a meeting with the Head of Innovation at the airport who confirmed our findings.

Our final concept was to make communication and signaling from the system clearer for the people. Our findings included seeing people struggle with the queue pressure before the security controls. Making a labeled tray clearly indicating what things to put where is made to address this issue. Another finding was that clear communication before and after going through the metal detector was lacking in the current system. A simple signage system is made to address this problem.

We ended the course with a video prototype on our proposed concept.