Hapticket is a small exploration into the possibilities of haptic feedback during a payment transaction. While using machines and digital devices, it is important to have tactile feedback to understand the object and be able to take the right action.

Current systems employ either visual or aural methods, but lack haptic feedback to help users more intuitively understand the completion of the payment.

As the user swipes their card through the slot, the resistance increases towards the bottom, providing immediate indication that a larger amount is being debited from their card. Soft “bumps” are felt in the hand as the card passes downwards in the slot, which correspond to the levels of money being charged. The addition of audio feedback through incrementing notes for each payment level further assists users to understand that the transaction has been made.

The current context that was explored was of the metro ticketing system but this could be used in any form of ‘transaction’. The project was completed using the Music & Motors platform.