Eggspiry Date

What if packaging could be more than just visual? What if it could make us feel and hear it? This was the core idea that helped us give form to our project “Eggspiry Date“.

The idea is that food packaging is critical when it comes to giving information like expiry date; however the packaging design of food boxes today does not work to leverage this. Hence, we developed a small experiment where food boxes (an egg box in our prototype) gives haptic feedback as it starts to expire as well as sound feedback to give a subtle reminder to consumers that the food is slowly aging.

The first time the user opens the egg box the day counter starts. Initially it’s easy to slide out the box but as days pass the box gets a little more friction and gets a little tougher to open. The feedback is designed to not only be strong in terms of the message its communicating but also subtle in usage so that its helpful yet playful.

The project is made using the open source software Arduino and Processing and with that a PCB made by faculty at CIID. The physical components consist of a slider mechanism fit behind the outer cover of the box controlled using the custom made board that supports it. Design-wise there is a conscious decision to use existing packaging available in the market so that it is easy to relate the concept in daily use instead of it being a one off custom made packaging. The sound was also specifically designed for this feedback using libraries made for Arduino.