Wet & Warm

As a group, our idea focused on depicting a sustainable way of life by encouraging a community based approach coupled with self-responsibility. Humans were viewed as energy producers. We performed several specific scenarios that were typical to a household to demonstrate how energy could be produced, recycled, transferred and conserved within a house and a community. Here, everyone was responsible for the community and themselves. The emphasis lay on modifying existing habits, adopting new ones as well.

With fast prototyping props prepared from cardboard and available materials, the performance focused on a family, an individual neighbor and the community. It demonstrated how everyone is connected to each other and can influence each other.

An enactment of morning rituals depicted how the possibility of the bathroom drainage water being purified and converted into drinking water for the household purposes. A neighbour in need of energy could ask for help and action another to help. Actions like jumping, walking and more rigorous tasks can generate the same and light up another’s home.  

A community power meter signaled which houses required power. This was a call to action for a community exercise routine to produce the required energy till the all the houses had enough.

Thus the idea was a self sustaining way of life that was healthy, socialistic in nature as well.