One Time

We were asked to speculate about the future, what shape it would take and how it would affect the human race. Our vision of the future was rather dystopian and we had to show our ideas through a performance by role-playing the different situations emphasizing interactions with the world around.


We step into the late 21th century.

New communication channels have boosted the global economy, but the ever-present connectedness causes all-time high stress levels in individuals. We are working 24 hour shifts so we can trade with all continents. Stories of people, even babies, dying of genetically stress overdoses force the governments to take action.

The UN have decided to abandon time zones and introduce strict rules about work time. Everyone is required to work in sync, sleep in sync, play in sync. Many companies are starting to develop solutions to prevent and cure work-related stress, while maximizing efficiency.

Eventually, through smart design, we hope that stress will no longer be the main cause of death.