What would happen if the world was based on social media, and the worth of people were decided by their online popularity?

During the #hashtag project we tried to answer that question through rapid prototyping and playful bodystorming.

The challenge was to envision the future as we imagined it either positive or negative, by constructing a imaginary environment, using varied materials and narrative performance to communicate our story.
This was done based on our sub theme: “present and protect”, that we interpreted as the contradictory relationship between one’s private and public / real and virtual selves, and to what extent each was revealed.
During the project we reflected upon the likeliness of different scenarios and the potential impact these would have. In the end our presentation spurred into a lively discussion on the future of social media, change in human behavior and interaction between humans and computers.

– Using bodystorm and rapid prototyping as techniques proved extremely valuable as means of quickly understanding and testing different scenarios and communicating them to others.

– Creating scenarios of the future proved a highly instrumental method in a in creative process, thus demanding new ways of seeing the contemporary, and therefore forcing us to rethink objects and behaviors in a hypothetical setting.