Eat and Be Merry

Assuming we follow the path that we are on now, where does the future lead us. Or, as our question asked, what will be the hearth of the home, where will we “eat and be merry”.

As the rise 3D printing and innovation in food production continues, the creation of the home cooked meal may lose relevance. But the idea of the hearth will not disappear. Our belief is that the hearth will become the core of a family. The individuals of a family are extremely mobile, the core would be a hub for all to meet at the end of the day.

The food production would come from aquaponic and small scale dense plant cover. A green oasis in a barren future world. The plants and fish would be processed not for their meat and protein, but molecular content, to be rearranged and produce sustenance for the family.  A person can select the texture and flavors they want and enjoy it in the green hub, together, recreating the home.