The Liquid Project

The actions and activity within a physical space can be experienced but can often be difficult to visualise. We created a series of interaction installation prototypes that communicate sound and human activity within a space using physical action to create movement and ripples on a liquid surface.

A physical space can be scaled down and mapped to the dimensions of the liquid surface. A series of microphones are used to triangulate the location of specific activities within a space and the size and frequency of each ripple indicates the activity within the space.

During this workshop we developed 17 initial installation prototypes that were unsuccessful, but due to our determined and iterative work process we were able to produce a final installation that was capable of controlled linear motion and ripples across a liquid surface.

Our early explorations focused on the properties of different fluids and the strength of different types of motors. From our research and learnings we created a wooden frame that was filled with a shallow layer of water and mounted a series of small electronic motors.

This project was built as part of a larger collection of networked installations that could be interconnected in real-time, using the open-source communication tool SpaceBrew. This dynamically re-routable software toolkit allows the inputs from any other networked project to control the linear motion and ripples across our installation.