Inside Out

Interactive Spaces provided the framework to explore the meeting of the physical and digital within constructed environments and how we sense and interact with these built spaces.

We set out to design an interconnected hackable space, conscious of the notion that things in our environment will be connected, and how to create meaningful communication through this connection.

From this exploration came Inside Out. Inside Out is an installation piece of sound, words, remembrances, and lights. A series of three lockers are the framework of this piece, each embodying the history of people that have owned and used them.  When approached, the lights behave and respond to your presence. When opened, either a sound byte from a previous owner, or a soundscape is played.  Through the collaboration of 2 to 3 people, a symphony of sounds and words can come to life.

Inside Out uses Spacebrew to route data through a web socket, which means that the outputs of the lockers (sounds,lights etc) can be controlled by varied inputs from other installations in the shared space.

Locally, the installation uses ultrasound distance sensors and LDR’s hooked to an Arduino board to detect presence and opening/closing of the doors. The sound bytes are actually twitter posts from previous owners of the lockers fetched from @overheardatciid. The soundscape is made of two sequencers and a drum machine built in Pure Data which are controlled by the door states. Processing is used to manage all the communication between these different programs.