Project Campfire is a smart object that lives in everyday spaces. It provides light when and where is needed; it is an autonomous agent that can move and choose the right spot to stay and light-up. It is sensitive to touch and when is held it shines turning into a powerful source of light!

It reacts to social situations, becoming more and more bright when is held between different people and it gives a new sense of union in the house of the future, bringing back the emotion of the campfire.

The base of the robot is self contained and hosts all the necessary electronics for making our lamp intelligent. For driving and avoiding obstacles there is an ultrasound sensor that is able to sense when the lamp is in a collision path. The lamp is composed by multiple LEDs that are powered from an independent source of power. So one battery is used just for the light and the other one is used mainly for moving.

The envelope of Project Campfire is filled with different capacity sensors that can let the system know when the lamp is held.

We developed a custom shield for Arduino; the custom shield allows to take the agent apart and rebuild it very easily. Having a custom shield is also a next step in making prototypes more reliable.