Why and Where, Migration from Iran!

During this course we had the chance to produce several exercises to explore the translation of raw data into information. We learned how to develop our perceptiveness and our ability to articulate visually – and how to improve the graphics through comparing versions of them. We learned how to improve our methods to visual communication.


Making meaning through information design.

One of most important goals of this brief was to use visual processes to explore, interpret  and find meaning in data. Our task was to create a meaningful visual message about our personal Facebook data and to find some aspects that might be interesting to others. These could be collected, filtered, mapped, correlated, organized.

Why and Where , Migration from Iran! is about movement and motivation of my Iranian friends on Facebook from Iran to other countries. I found it interesting that most of my Iranians friends moved from their hometown with the motivation of marriage and refuge. Therefore I used what I learned in this course to explore the data and tell my story to the other people.