Distance & Friends

Social media platforms have found ways to transcend all physical boundaries of time and space to connect people together in a complex web of interactions. Twitter and Facebook have grown immensely in popularity and are high ranking informal tools of communication via the web.

In the last few years I have travelled heavily, and have made close friends in different parts of the world. While Facebook has been prevalent in several aspects to maintain communication, it has surprisingly been extremely underused as a medium between my close friends and myself.

Closer inspection of my own communication trail with my friends suggest that emails, SMS and phone calls are the most direct and best ways to communicate rather than use Facebook. As I became farther away from certain friends, my Facebook activity with them would increase as a way to stay “in touch” when phone calls and SMS were unavailable to do. However, the opposite would occur if I was in the same city as them.

By weaving together both my travel activity and also tracking events that were mutually important amongst us, a clearer picture is able to be seen that communication over Facebook only occurred when I was unable to use all other forms of communication.