Good or Bad

Good or Bad is a provocation to discover new places based on your attitude at any given point in time. As an interactive iPhone app it offers a quick and fun way to uncover your own spontaneity evoked by the two states – good or bad.

Often we find ourselves in situations when our moods hunt for things to do or places to go to but the choices fall short. Add to that, the sea of possibilities, and it can get confusing and irrelevant with respect to time or mood . It’s overwhelming.

Good or Bad presents well curated, crisp choices of places and activities that rest on an attitude that one could embrace at that point in time. Good or Bad are two states of being that a person might choose at that point in time.

As a start one begins to interact with the app by scrolling either of the two attitudes. For example a scroll on Bad starts to present attitudes like drunk, risqué. Each of these attitudes has a pre-defined counterpart that appears as one makes a choice – drunk and sober; risqué and safe. Thus at any moment in the interaction, one has the possibility of embracing different attitudes that suits the mood.

Furthermore, each state then presents the top three and most relevant curation of places and activities.

In two fun steps Good or Bad brings out the ‘in-the-moment’ spirit as it reveals different possibilities.