Generative Design – Chest}{airs

With the Chest}{airs Project I explored the potential of recreating something as complex and organic as body hair using programming as the only material. The outcome is a graphic representation that both expresses the difficulties in making something digital come alive and the surprising appearance of the uniquely created instances of every single hair.

During the introduction week of Generative Design I dug myself into the challenging and exiting world of code. I worked my way through different projects, that all shared common ground in the accessible and creative Processing environment. While many of these projects had a very explorative and experimental character and therefore never hatched into a finished state, the Chest}{air Project proved – despite a peculiar subject – to provide an interesting coding challenge. The process to make body hair come alive presented challenges in forms of observing and understanding hair structure, being able to create each hair as a singularly and developing a system to facilitate easy setup of hair distribution.

– creativity and playfulness in the realm of coding
– using programming as a material