Free the Computers

What would happen if computers could decide for themselves what they wanted to show you? If they made you perceive the world from the point of view?

During the week in Generative design we sought to explore, understand and express some of the issues and possibilities related to that question, by enabling a tablet based application to gather information from its technological environment; like number of available GPS satellites and their accuracy, battery temperature and accessible Wi-Fis. A calculation based on the collected information we guided users through the streets of Copenhagen. Either to the left or right, in what seemed as random sequences to the user.

This project has potential for future work in the area of self-generating computers and the possible impact on the user’s experience. It made us aware of our expectations on interaction between humans and computers to be based on human terms, understanding and needs. By being led around the city based on the whims of the computer’s world perception, we are provoked into thinking about the relationship between people and technology in more philosophical terms and to not take that unique relationship for granted. With the Free the Computers project we therefore see opportunities for further development both within future interaction design projects and academia.