Draw on Picture

During the course we focused on how we can program an application for android tablet.

We focused on the concept of “place ” as our final project.

We wanted to introduce a simple but unique lens to see things in places. We also wanted to bring out user’s interest in the place in an aesthetic way. That motivation lead us making an app, “Draw on Picture” .

When people go to places, some take pictures. With this app, however, users can see more details about the place by drawing sketches over the photo. Just a tiny shape may inspire your understanding and affinity with the place. This app also lets you create a new colourful image based on your original picture.

“Draw on Picture” will change your way of seeing things.


・Sightseers: It lets visitors enjoy their sightseeing from different point of view.

・Design Students: It is a way to train students’ eye on things.

・Children: It is educative and also entertaining.