City Vibrations

The app reflects sound changes in real time, as one journeys through the city of Copenhagen.


Some of the questions we were interested in investigating were; How does sound relate to a traditional map? What are the characteristics and differences in sound in Nørrebro as opposed to Vesterbro? We went and explored certain neighborhoods capturing the sounds therein. The most significant finding was that no matter where we went, we would discover new and similar sounds, but with unique frequencies. This let us to develop our concept.


We put together an app for android where one can record and collect audio data, wherever one moves around the city. As a start one can choose to have a visual map as a base or a blank screen. The recorded audio from point to point will then be revealed once you tap the screen. One will see the path, not as straight lines on the map, but as audio waveforms displayed between geo-located points. Thereby one creates an abstract sound map, which can easily be referenced with the actual GPS map.