Kat Zorina

Country: U.S.A
Are of Expertise: User Interface Design, Multimedia Design

Kat is an interaction designer, researcher, and professional people watcher in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Before CIID, Kat’s career was going along a slightly different trajectory. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in business and began working as a researcher and analyst in San Francisco, Ca. Although her work was rich with insights about how businesses and markets are structured, she felt that it was missing the human component. Instead of looking at the world through the lens of a statistical model, Kat wanted to become more connected with people and their stories.

With these thoughts, she took a step to redirect her career to interaction design and is looking forward to continuing the type of work that she loves – telling stories, working with her hands, and designing meaningful interactions.

In her free time, Kat loves to drink chamomile tea, play frisbee, and wear colorful scarves. She also loves oxford commas.