Hideaki Matsui

Country: Japan
Area of expertise: Industrial Design, Interaction Design (from 2012)

Hideaki Matsui is a designer based in Copenhagen. He studied product design in both Japan and the US, and graduated from Parsons The New School for Design with a BFA in Product Design in 2006. After graduation, he worked at design consultancies such as Arnell Group and Smart Design New York as an industrial designer for 4 years.

Besides client-based work at those companies, he was also working on his personal projects to explore unique approaches of design. One of his goals is to resolve social issues that have not been addressed.

Cleanup soap, one of his personal projects has raised over $ 10,000 to Cambodia Self Help Demining and Cambodia Landmine Museum for landmine removal and survivor assistance. This project was selected as a part of droog design’s collections in 2010.

Hideaki loves to collaborate with people from different backgrounds, as he believes unique and valuable creations are achieved through collaborations. Hideaki is a recipient of many design awards include iF, IDEA, red dot and I.D. magazine, and also holds multiple patents.

In 2012, Hideaki joined CIID to increase his capability as a designer.