For this project, the concept was given, but up to each team to interpret. The brief was to prototype and document a service that keeps track of the user’s carbon footprint and aids as a tool to make conscious choices and comparisons before and/or after purchases.

Our service Footprint allows the user to scan products to reveal the production history and evaluate how factors such as recyclability, distance travelled, ecology etc. adds up to the total carbon footprint of the product. Electronic payment history is automatically gathered and the Footprint application can also analyse analogue data such as receipts, and upload them to the users personal footprint database. This way the user can keep track of their total carbon footprint and review their progress through time.

For our video prototype we focussed on how difficult it is to make green choices in everyday life, even if you think you are making educated choices – and how this could be made more convenient. We were especially concerned with the context, the potential users of the Footprint service and how the service can influence their lives.