Volvo Car Connect

Car Connect is a portable navigation system building on existing features in Volvo V60 where the life in your car is mapped overtime. While driving, you and your car capture memories, experiences and technical data – photos, notes, songs, milage, speed and location. All of these are visualized in a way which is meaningful to you

The service also has a web component that gives you a map of your journeys with all the information and activity that you had, so that you can reflect on the important moments which you shared with your car and get new insights about the data which you’re creating in your car.

This concept is based on the insight from user research as to how different people see their cars differently – as a tool, as another home, as a third space where some of their experiences happen, a place for meditative relection.

Beacuse of being so focused on driving the car, people often are not able to take these experiences out of the car and connect it with the rest of their daily lives. People are used to being shadowed by their devices everywhere they go, and they’re not able to access them while they drive, for good measure, but that does not mean the car cannot evolve as a platform. So we explored how the same need can be fulfilled in a simple and safe way.

The following video shows the experience of one of our test users and our mockup in action. After being registered and introduced to the service through the web component, our user steps into a car which already has her information and preferences about the data visualization. While driving, she acceses the service through controls integrated on V60’s steering and cameras mounted both in front of and inside the car.