Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack is a concept for a body-centric device which approaches persistent communication between a close group of friends in a new way.

It looks to enable people to share small memories with their friends, which are shared among the group but are lost in daily lives when friends are not with each other. These moments though interesting might not be big enough that the person would feel to call or message their friends about, but given the choice of having your friends at an arm’s length, people would on the spur of the moment talk about it.

We were inspired by how people communicate with their close friends, in the real world, not particualrly mediated with communication devices. We imagined being able to communicate “in the moment”.  But we imagined this to happen preferably without the need of  another interface, selection mechanisms and other complexities.

Recieving voice messages on the recording machine with the phone seemed a better analogy than checking messages or emails online. The audio recordings, which are in the voice of the person reflect much more character compared to pictures which do not, on principal reflect the character of the person taking the image.

We drew an analaogy for the group of friends with a pack of wolves and sought to draw some inspiration for the aesthetics of the device.