Hypnose brings sub-consciousness to a tangible world within a surrealistic plot.

The video is a result of an experiment to misplace existing senses, creating new interactions and experiences. It is an interpretation to what could happen if sight was placed in hands instead. What would be in focus, how will you approach object that are interesting or frightening?

But not only the position of the senses is crucial to how we perceive the world around us, the personality of the beholder is just as important. Are you an observer or explorer? This is reflected by the split screen shooting and different perspectives. Although both characters are placed in the same context. One person is exploring the world via a glove, while the other is observing the explorations of the other using a mask.

The last asset of this concept is the role of sub-consciousness in our perceptions. We do not process everything we see on a conscious level. Some images will appear later in our dreams, effect our choices or stimulate creativity.

Spontaneous and natural footage has been taken and used to create a natural journey that we go through on daily basis; exploration, collecting images, making connections, and dreaming.