What is the role of Museums and Culture in our daily life? How can we increase participation?

That was our mandate for our two weeks exploration. We started conducting interviews on the topic, and generated the following insights based on the interviews with user groups (social, functional, extreme and a non-user) that we identified through interview sessions.

Culture is about people, and the way people live.
People have different preferences for type, amount, hierarchy of information at museums / exhibitions.
Museums are rigid institutions, real culture is experienced in the street, meeting and observing people, there is a gap between the two.
People attend events that they have been exposed to from their social circles.

Based on the those insights, we focused on the following design challenge:

” How can we bridge the gap between the institutional culture in museums and users daily life, by matching the information level to the needs of the four groups “

With that challenge at hand we started an iterative design process, we came up with few concepts,quickly prototyped each of the concepts while trying to keep them broad, we took them to the field and began our co-creation sessions.

In our co-creation sessions we observed and asked our interviewees to use and comment on our concept prototypes. based on the feedback we started another iteration and came up with new concepts, and passed through another co-creation session.

The final design concepts were:

Souvenir sharing ticket
A redesigned museum ticket, containing photos of two pieces from the exhibition, these photos can be separated from the ticket and create a small postcard from the exhibition as a souvenir. at the same time  the postcard serve as a small discount to the exhibition, encouraging users to share the experience and facilitate others to visit the exhibition. This concept went through 3 iterations (shown in the gallery)

Museum app
The museum app works as people’s personal art guide and notebook. When visiting a museum users can scan the artworks they like or want to read more about.

The artworks are collected in their personal art galleries, and it also allows them to rate artworks, take notes or sketch in the entries. Another key function of this app is guiding people to museums nearby when visiting new cities, that match their art preferences from preset keywords or their own keywords and their own ratings of the artworks.

Digital art poster

This E ink poster allows users to subscribe to your favorite artist, museum or receive art pieces. The users can change the artworks on your walls and get inspiration from them while the museums can use this product to brand their temporary exhibitions or as an add on service.