Prosthetic Golf

Inspired by Pit Green Micro Golf and how well a real golfer’s  motions seemed to be translated into a figurine, we utilized the resources we were given to replicate that toy.

We figured that the core of the experience would be emulating the players swing, and create a haptic experience in the control which would add a dimension of mastering the swing.

At our disposal we had a hardware slider (most likely a piece from audio hardware) and a rotating arm salvaged from a hard drive. The motors in the slider turned out to be too weak to provide feedback to the finger when controlling it, also there was a hazard of the motors burning out.

The  HDD arm fitted with a magnet utilized the Hall Effect to sense read the angle of the arm, however, the readings were too imprecise to reliably adjust the golfers swing power. This meant we had to separate the power control from the swing mechanic.

The slider is used to set the power applied to the motor inside the press-fitted, laser-cut, mdf silhouette. The player controls the position of the golfer’s position by applying pressure to the hdd arm that works against that with a force relative to the power setting.