Abductee Probability Ouija Predictor

For this project we were asked to map out one of our social networks. Based on certain criteria, 25 of my randomly selected Facebook friends were mapped out by how likely they are to be victims of alien abduction.

You face an increasingly higher risk of extraterrestrial abduction the more of the following factors apply to you*:

– Age between 20-40 years old
– Fertile and sexually active
– Live in close proximity to a military facility
– Live in close proximity to large crops
– You’re just the type for it
– Engagements in new-age related material or activities
– Have been drinking (or worse)
– American citizen

Each person is represented by a chip. By carefully rating my selected group of friends based on these criteria, each chip is equipped with a magnet. By carefully hovering each person over the prediction board, the chip reacts to the matrix of magnets embedded in the board. The magnetic and counter-magnetic fields create haptic feedback that ensures they gravitate towards their designated spot in the crop circle. The closer they are to the center, the more afraid they should be.

*Source: the internet