“It’s more fruitful to approach the future as a set of ‘design scenarios,’ rather than as some static stage-set called ‘the future’.” – Bruce Sterling

Verdanta is an exploration into what it means to live more closely with nature in an urban context. We were particularly interested in both the lifestyle changes involved in such a transition but also in looking at “green living” from a critical perspective.

The video, Scenes from a Verdant Future is a piece of design fiction that looks beyond idealised visions of the future to communicate a vision that is somewhere between utopia and dystopia by looking very closely at one person’s everyday life.

The second object, VentaBand is a tool to that makes tangible the air quality of an indoor environment. The band, which is worn on the wrist, provides physical feedback if the reading is below an acceptable standard. When the bracelet tightens up it acts as a nudge to the user to ventilate the room or to go out.

Finally, we proposed that Velux could become a leader in “Verdanta living” by facilitating community incubators that encourage an approach to forward-thinking urban practices. These incubators are envisioned to be on-the-ground and visible interventions in everyday urban life that exist on the peripheries of the city. By providing infrastructural support to, and nurturing communities already engaged in sustainable practices, these incubators enable knowledge and practice spillovers into the city.