Velux Quantee

Velux Quantee is a data service to help improve quality of life on both a personal as well at a societal level through collecting lifestyle data from users. This proposes a radical extension for Velux from manufacturer of roof-top windows into the domain of data-driven consulting to individuals, urban planners, and governments – but still as an ambassador for healthy, sustainable environments.

The collection is done through a wearable Quantee patch which gathers biometrics and personal environmental exposures from the user. Combining those two sets of variables is the key to quantify unique data; for example, concurrent measuring of environmental noise and stress levels enables to analyze how user feels in the environment. Users get a personalized suggestions for improving their living conditions as well as analysis of their lifestyle and exposure levels. Quantee reveals the users own unnoticed world through providing them with a quantified lifestyle sphere – information on a wide range of variables on their lives which in other ways is hard to measure.

The data from all participating users is collected by Velux to form a quality of life knowledge base with real-world information on actual living conditions to provide new insight into peoples lives and needs beyond traditional statistics.

This knowledge base enables Velux to act as consultant to architects, public health officials, builders and urban planners, to better inform the shaping of future urban spaces.