Design is essential to city life, where navigation in physical, social and information space become ever more interwoven.

Urban spaces are sites of potential and possibility. Cities are uplifting places for innovation, invention and creativity, as they are full of human and material energies in transfer and in friction. Urban spaces inspire and instigate, they incite us to explore and create. Cities are places where imaginations thrive and future possibilities are actualised.

By 2030, 60% of the global population will live in urban space, and currently over 80% of land on earth is used in some way by people. Clearly the line between where humankind exists and where humankind does not, needs reframing.

We have a responsibility to project our dreams into this future, this potential urban landscape, to develop and define its forms and potentials, its ability to sustain itself (sustain-abilities).

Throughout this two-week industry project, we imagined a future, sustainable city through a set of interventions, redirections, poetic visions and provocations.


A special thank you to our partners at Velux: Torben Thyregod Jensen, Peter Ankerstjerne Brandt & Jens Høgh Simonsen.