Pumpartnr is an iOS app that helps athletes plan, track, and reflect on their strength training progress without the fuss.

Pumpartnr’s focus on strength training derives from a conviction that building functional muscle enhances both athletic performance and wellbeing. Looking better is a positive side-effect, but not the primary motivation.

The app falls somewhere between a personal trainer and exercise log. Many athletes would like professional guidance for their workouts, but can’t afford a personal trainer every session. At the same time, they would like to keep track of their progress over time in a way that is thorough and easy to glean insight from.

Pumpartnr addresses these challenges by generating training programs of between 3 to 8 weeks based on a person’s abilities, interests, and goals, and then displaying visualizations of progress through these programs.

For the GUI, we focused on three main areas: (1) making the interaction as simple and intuitive as possible; (2) getting the app out of the way of the exercise routine when it wasn’t needed; and (3) creating a distinctive visual language that used iOS Design Standards as a departure point.

Detailed Description

First-time users of the app are asked to complete a simple consultation. Ideally, this initial setup should be done with a fitness professional or doctor. There are two reasons for this: (1) part of the consultation is a fitness test and it is important to complete this both safely and accurately; and (2) a professional will help you get an objective overview of your fitness and injury history, etc.

Once the consultation is complete, Pumpartnr generates a workout program unique to you. This program extends over a period you chose during setup and can be modified at any time. Your workouts are calibrated to a personalized ‘Reach Zone’—Pumpartnr smartly adjusts this based on your performance over time to ensure you are constantly being pushed.

You can see an overview of the entire program plan in ‘Week view’ and remove, add, and change whole days and individual exercises at any time. Whenever you open the app now, you will automatically be dropped into ‘Day view’ and see your workout plan for the day if one is scheduled or the Week view if it’s a rest day.

To start your day’s workout, you click the ‘Start Workout’ button in Day view and you are taken to a wizard-like interface that walks you through each set of each exercise. Every time you complete a set, you throw up the red bar at the bottom of the screen to let Pumpartnr know you are done. This initiates a set rest time, during which you enter the number of reps you completed of the target amount. If you complete fewer than the target, the app learns that the set was probably too hard for you and adjusts future workouts accordingly. The more you use Pumpartnr, the better it gets to know your abilities.

After the last set of your last exercise, Pumpartnr generates your ‘P-value’, a metric that encapsulates your overall performance for the day. You can then see visualizations that illustrate whether today’s P-value fell within your Reach Zone for the day and over time. You can also filter to see your performance in certain exercises and regions of the body.