lilbit is a micro donation application for the iOS/iPhone. Its core function is to set aside a “little bit” of money to be donated based on purchases the user decides to record. lilbit makes the process of donating to charities “painless” by spreading it out in smaller, but more regular amounts.

The application works by calculating a value for donation based on a percentage on personal purchases that the user pre-defines. lilbit compares the two values so that you see your donation amount in relation to your personal consumption.

To avoid compromising the many little bits of donation by additional transaction costs, lilbit does not automatically donate the sum when a donation is registered. Instead, the little bits are saved up until you decide that the amount is ready for donation. During the donation process, lilbit allows you to choose the charity of your choice as well as a method for payment – either by credit card or PayPal.

Another key feature to lilbit is the visual representation of your donation history, where your donations are compared to your own purchases to emphasize the fact that they are still just little bits in the larger scheme of things. For this project one of our main challenges was to make a repetitive process of manual input as smooth as possible for the users as it was explicitly defined as a constraint in our brief.

The concept of lilbit was developed through user research, followed by concept refining, to information architecture and finally by adding the graphical layer. By building interactive prototypes, we were able to test them with real users that provided the team with insights on how to refine the concept and interface further into this final iteration of lilbit.