Computer Visions

The project is an experiment in exploring the aesthetics of computer vision; using code and physical immersion to “rearrange” the representative logic of the software program.

As we know, the computer treats all data it receives and processes as a sort of generalised numerical text, with no understanding of its underlying meaning or context. So, it treats footage from a surveillance camera and a child’s birthday party in essentially the same way.

This was an exploration of the gap between what the computer really “sees” and how it is represented on screen. The immersive device extracts visual data received by the camera only to return it the person who wears it in a way that is both strange and familiar leading to an experience that is at once disorienting and beautiful.

It is left to the wearer to experience and explore three different modes of computer perception of the scene that unfolds in front of them––from an abstract extreme to the more representative.