Book & Me – Book Intervention

This project is based on activities that children and parents share to create their own special bedtime story. Using the Book&ME application, they take photos from their daily surroundings, to be printed as stickers which they can use inside the book, thus creating a personalised book together.

The aim of Book&ME is to create a product which combines up-to-date technologies with the irreplaceable joy of a book you can flip through and read over and over.

The product provides a book intervention and storytelling experience with the visual content of a child’s everyday life: personal objects, and moreover – their own facial expressions. By integrating their photos and using ‘role playing’, the child has the opportunity to identify with the story and find his/her own way of looking at the world.

After buying the book, the application can be simply downloaded. The app. is a platform for taking photos to provide personal content for the book. It has visual reference from the book and an audio guide in each frame – and allowing children to re-take photos as much as they like!

The pictures will appear later on sticker sheets provided with the book and then easily printed and assembled in the book.

In the book, “You Are Not Made Out of Sugar”, the child discovers shapes in the clouds and wishes to restore those shapes when and wherever they want. In the twilight between dream and reality, they go on a journey with a friendly whale and learn to enjoy their creativity by relaxing and accepting. When the images start appearing everywhere, the child begins to feel free to unleash their imagination.