Umshade is a browser extension that facilitates exchange of encrypted messages between trusted eyes on common social platforms. For the benefit of the individuals’ discretion and to challenge the scope of data we publish and in turn entrust with marketing corporations.


Giving up your data to any third parties might bite you in the butt in the future. Mistakes, misinterpretations, overreactions, sharing things that in hindsight we shouldn’t have – are amplified by virtually indefinite retention times and shady access policies. In turn they might become actual pitfalls – instead of mistakes passing with time. Issues that we wouldn’t like to share with just anyone are given out publicly because the convenience and prevalence of social platforms cancels out any second thoughts.

Because of indefinite retention periods and unclear access – we can never determine what happens to whatever we post online and how it is actually used. Our data is processed by companies that deal with market research based on our anonimized data. Anonimization is a reversible process, what we write might be used against us in the future. Not everyone enjoys the contemporary web where random individuals unbeknownst to you can potentially know what underwear color you prefer and when are you likely to leave your house.


The software is meant to protect its users in two scenarios. Firstly, by limiting the access to what we post now, the chances of avoiding embarrassment or regret over how our actions will appear in the future are higher. Secondly, it’s designed to make it complicated for third parties to process and benefit from what you post.

By encrypting messages before they leave our computer we decrease the chances of our activities being used against us in the future. Encrypted, your data is useless to the companies that process it. Unless somebody decides to devote energy and time to crack your individual messages, your data can’t be effectively processed – it becomes garbage.

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